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 Posted: 14 December, 2011

Every once in a while we come across one of these barely legal babes that has more experience then her age would lead us to believe. Tori came by with an insatiable appetite for cock, only to be matched by her stunning looks. This chick has great natural titties and a big round juicy bubble butt ass. Her nicely shaved pussy was dripping wet waiting for the party to start. Josh obliged her request and supplied the stiff cock for Tori to suck on. The sex captured here was great. Her getting it doggystyle is something I will not soon forget. Enjoy this one fellas.

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 More Tori Black inside Reality King

Looking like she just stepped out of a modelling magazine, Tori Black looks absolutely stunning in her black teddy with diamond shaped lace accents, and shiny patent pumps.

Tori Black shows off the detailing of her panty hose, and just how nice and perky her ass is.

Tori Black’s teddy provides easy access to her glorious pie hole, not to mention it pulls down easily so her tits can be manhandled too.  She’d like to be fucked hard by you.

Tori Black pulls her black lace panties to her knees as she provocatively suggests she’d like you to come closer.  Her chestnut brown hair hangs over her shoulders and smells like strawberries.

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With her titties peeking over the top of  her lace teddy,  and a hint of her pink pussy showing, Tori Black lays back and waits for your hands and mouth to pleasure her smoking hot body. She’d love nothing more then for you to run your hands over her white garter stockings, caressing her silky legs as your mouth suckles her warm pink nipples. Perhaps your other hand could slide between her legs and finger her moist beaver, as she suckles your stiff hard cock.


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Tori Black is getting ready for a sleep over by cuddling with her giant fluffy teddy bear. Don’t you wish you were that teddy bear?

Tori Black, looking super cute in her skulls and stars pajamas, can’t decide which colorful dildo to play with first. The pink one that matches her pjs, or the yellow one?

Tori Black tries to take her pj bottoms off and falls over. Oops! there are her little white panties!

Naked now, Tori Black takes advantage of the fact none of her sleep over guests have arrived, and fingers herself.

Tori Black spreads her legs wide while lying on her fuzzy pink blankie, and shows off her half shaven pink pussy.

Tori Black poses seductively while waiting for her sleep over buddies to get there. She can’t wait to have a night full of fun.  Her two dildos will get a good work out, and if they really get down and dirty, she may have to put her teddy bear to bed early.
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 Posted: 29 September, 2011
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 Posted: 12 September, 2011

And so we’ve come to this! After discovering that their marriage was based on a lie and that they’re both equally guilty of fucking behind their partner’s back, Tori and Rocco file for divorce. After the proceedings, Tori is overcome with grief and her tight little asshole seeks comfort in the form of her attorney Keiran Lee’s enormous cock.

 Posted: 11 September, 2011

Tori and Rocco have just tied the knot and are off to a secluded spot on the beach to spend their honeymoon. After frolicking around in slow-motion, they decide to consummate their marriage with a riveting rendition of the horizontal mambo.

 Posted: 10 September, 2011

Tori is a sleazy landlady trying to find a tenant for a house with many problems. Luckily for her Keiran the Ass Destroyer is interested in the house and is willing to live in any type of condition as long as he gets a taste of Tori’s sweet tasting ass.

 Posted: 9 September, 2011

Tori is tired of being in porn valley and wants to be a Hollywood star. She tries to go mainstream when she lands a role on a television sitcom. After a tame romantic scene, the director asks for more passion and boy, does she get it!

 Posted: 9 September, 2011

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